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Majorana a driving force on Long Island

by Stephen Haynes on
Mon, Apr 2, 2012 10:07 AM

Updated Mon, Apr 2, 2012 6:13 PM
Majorana a driving force on Long Island

Halle Majorana had bruises on her arms before the first game of the season -- an indication of how spirited the Manhasset lacrosse scrimmages were, and a byproduct of the star's effort to drive the crease more this year.

And with Manhasset losing 12 seniors, Majorana being the superstar returning and, now, her being ranked the nation's third best high school player by ESPN Rise -- she'll be, in every sense, a marked player.

"There'll be more bruises," the Maryland-bound senior said, "but my friend [teammate Susannah Roberts] has makeup for that, so it's fine."

Manhasset coach Danielle Gallagher said she expects Majorana to be double-teamed and face-guarded more often, which will require her "to do more off the ball and get better at driving and dishing."

Majorana led Manhasset to the Nassau Class B final, but preparation for this season started last summer. She adopted a training regimen that included yoga, sprints and weightlifting, focused on improving speed and agility.

She has also now taken the responsibility of leading a relatively young team. "I have to help everyone get better," she said. "Setting a positive example, letting the game come to me . . . But in big games, I'll have to take over."


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