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Morgan dons Syracuse cap on signing day

by Denver Louis on
Wed, Feb 1, 2012 8:26 PM

Updated Thu, Feb 2, 2012 6:06 AM
Morgan dons Syracuse cap on signing day

Wayne Morgan signing his letter of intent sitting between his mother and coach Danny Landberg

Photo by Credit Denver Louis

It's official, Syracuse has their man and Wayne Morgan has his school.

The city's top football prospect put pen to paper and donned the orange and blue cap of his future school live from the Erasmus Hall library on

Morgan, who has been recruited for the majority of his high school tenure, has seen innumerable suiters solicit his talents with the final tally of schools who came calling rounding out around 15. But through it all, there were two schools that outlasted them all until the very end; Syracuse and UConn.

"I felt like if someone really wants you, they are really going to have to prove themselves.," said Erasmus football coach Danny Landberg. "I felt it came down to Syracuse and UConn because they really, really, really wanted Wayne and I believe that they would have done right by Wayne either way that he went."

Ultimately, Syracuse got the final call based on what Wayne described as "that feeling." A sentiment no doubt heightened by the presence of former Fort Hamilton star and close friend Brandon Reddish.

"I speak to Brandon a lot about the school," Morgan said. "He called me right after his first game and told me the stadium was crazy. He said he couldn't hear himself think on third down."

Along with Reddish, Morgan will be among familiar company as he joins other former city standouts Jeremiah Kobena, Steve Rene, and Mario Tull as well as incoming Tottenville star receiver Alvin Cornelius.

Morgan certainly takes pride in representing the city and has a genuine appreciation for a program that has a heavy presence in the NYC recruiting landscape.

"I took a lot of pride in being from the city. I've been going around the country and when I tell guys I'm from Brooklyn, they go 'Oh… they play football out there?' All they know is the city for basketball. I go hard whenever I get a chance to put New York and more specifically Brooklyn on the map."

Either way you slice it, Morgan is in a great position to succeed on or off the field. Landberg acknowledged that the strength of the school's academics, as well as its support of its student athletes was just as important as the caliber of the program.

"I think Wayne wanted to stay in the state of New York to remain close," Landberg said. "God forbid he doesn't make it to the league, Syracuse is a strong school for networking. I feel like Wayne can come out and have a six figure salary because of the quality of that education."

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