FCIAC boys player of the week: Nacho Navarro

by Jesse Quinlan on
Fri, Nov 16, 2012 8:23 AM

Updated Tue, Nov 20, 2012 10:47 PM
FCIAC boys player of the week: Nacho Navarro
Photo by David Hahn


Norwalk senior Nacho Navarro has been named the MSG Varsity's FCIAC Player of the Week for Nov. 4-10 by a panel of athletic directors and MSG Varsity reporters.

Navarro scored two goals in the Bears’ 5-1 rout of Wilton, as Norwalk claimed a share of the FCIAC championship last Tuesday. Navarro put the Bears ahead for good in the 29th minute, when he beat a defender in the box and nailed a shot between the goalie and the near post for a 2-1 lead. Navarro also scored the only goal of the game in Norwalk’s 1-0 victory over Staples in the second round of the CIAC Class LL tournament last Saturday.

What's your biggest athletic goal for 2012-13?
Navarro: "My goal is to win as many championships as I can this year. It will be my last year playing high school soccer and premier, and I have a lot of things to play for. Hopefully we move on to the next round in states and win the tournament."

Who is your favorite teammate and why?
Navarro: "My favorite teammate is Kevin Joslyn. We've been playing together since we were little. You can always find us on the field together, whether t's for Norwalk or Beachside. We have a special connection since we use to play up top together back in the day. I always know how to find him on the field, and he is without a doubt the player I've assisted the most."

What's the best piece of advice you've received?
Navarro: "One of the best advices I've gotten that have worked for me in the past have been from my dad, who once told me to set goals for myself and write them down. If you don't have a goals in life, you are running around and not achieving anything for yourself. Setting goals has motivated me to achieve them, and driven me forward everyday to be the best i can be."

Which athlete is your biggest influence?
Navarro: "My biggest influence is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a player that I've always looked up to and always will. He has personality and comes onto the field everyday to prove people wrong. I don't think we will ever see another player like him ever again."

What's your proudest accomplishment away from the game?
Navarro: "Well it is impossible for me to find something that matters to me as much as soccer. I don't dedicate myself to anything else like I do to this game and all my accomplishments are because of it. I eat, sleep and breathe soccer and i wouldn't want it otherwise."


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