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The Challenge: Nanuet team profile

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Advisor: Dr. Jack Gremli
Subjects: Music/Theater
Years teaching: 37
What clubs or sports do you moderate or coach? Sr. Class Advisor, fall play, spring musical
Favorite quote: It's not where you start, it's where you finish
Advisor: Brian Metcalf
Subjects: Guidance Counselor
Years teaching: 17
What clubs or sports do you moderate or coach? National Honor Society, LENS, AP coordinator
Favorite quote: If you fail to prepare, then you're prepared to fail.
Student Profiles
Name: Brendan Dang
Hobbies/interests: Chess, Viola, Hiking, Ping-pong, reading
Activities: Academic League, Math League, Science Olympiad, Tennis, Chamber Orchestra
Honors/Awards: Columbia University Science Honors Program, Science Olympiad (7 Medals), State Math League Meet, Area all-state orchestra (2 times)
College Choice/Applying to: Not sure - maybe Johns Hopkins
Career goals: Mediacl Doctor or Surgeon: Develop a cure for cancer and save the environment
Favorite quote: Perserverance is the ultimate ability to learn from your mistakes, the courage to forgive yourself, and the conviction to move on. Christine Magee
Role model: Thomas Edison
Name: Kevin Tsoa
Hobbies/interests: Playing guitar, playing cards, watching movies, Reading, playing badminton and ping-pong
Activities: Academic League, Badminton Club, Science Olympiads, Math League, Chamber Orchestra
Honors/Awards: High Honor Roll, NYSSMA awards, National Merit Scholarship Commended Student
College Choice/Applying to: UPenn, MIT, Notre Dame, Cornell, etc.
Career goals: Help America's economy get back on it's feet and extend our trading patners
Favorite quote: History is like an endless waltz, the three steps of war, peace, and revolution repeat themselves.
Role model: Sergio Viera De Mello
Name: Niki Miller
Hobbies/interests: Musical Theater, Literature, Movies, TV shows
Activities: Student Senate, Science Olympiads, Drama Club, Yearbook editor
Honors/Awards: Captain of Academic League, National Honor Society, Foreign Language Honor Society, National Merit Scholarship Commended Student
College Choice/Applying to: ?
Career goals: ?
Favorite quote: I reject your reality, and sustitute my own. Adam Savage
Role model: Rachel Carson
Name: Skyler Dale
Hobbies/interests: Writing, running, playing guitar
Activities: Newspaper, Literary Journal
Honors/Awards: National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society, French Honor Society
College Choice/Applying to: ?
Career goals: To become a novelist
Favorite quote: I'd rather laugh with the sinners than die with the saints - the sinners are much more fun. Billy Joel
Role model: Barack Obama
Name: Allison Boyd
Hobbies/interests: Music, Reading, web design, sudoku
Activities: Tennis, ballet, 4H-camp, Band, LENS, YAC, WIN, Math League
Honors/Awards: NYSSMA, all-county band, area all-state band
College Choice/Applying to: UPENN
Career goals: ?
Favorite quote: I forgive what you have done to me- I love my murderer. But yours! How can I? Wuthering Heights
Role model: Natalie Portman



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