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Pine Plains defeated in Homecoming

by Sophie McGhee/Pine Plains Student Reporter on
Mon, Oct 24, 2011 3:20 PM

Updated Mon, Oct 24, 2011 6:14 PM
Pine Plains defeated in Homecoming

The date was Friday, September 30 2011. A football game was being held at Stissing Mountain High School against Liberty. The crowd was animatedly talking, laughing, and cheering with full enthusiasm as heavy music played from the vibrating speakers. The bombers ran onto the field in two lines and started preparing for the game.

The opposing team was very intimidating. Their passes were perfectly spiraled and were caught almost every time. The red and white reminded Pine Plains of their rivals—Red hook—and fed the competitive nature of Big Blue. Next to the bleachers, the Bombers Boosters grilled and sold hotdogs and hamburgers—the perfect food for hungry football fans.

The game began. Blue and white was able to keep their chins up but without a doubt was scared. Nobody wants to lose their homecoming game. At halftime, the other team was fired up and Pine Plains hadn’t scored. The score was 28 to 0. However, while a few fans expressed a sudden doubt in their ability to win, the rest of the face-painted community roared on. Inspiration pulsed through the muscular build of the players and in the second half, it was like a team was discovered inside of them. Discouraged fans redeemed their spirit with extra intensity.

At the end of a long, exciting game, Big Blue was disappointed with its loss. The final score was 35 to 28. The Bombers scored all four touchdowns in the second half, making them only one touchdown behind Liberty. Despite the let down, the Pine Plains Bombers were able to hold their heads up high. As player Trevor Amato says: “We may not have won but I think we are finally becoming a dominating team as we learn more about each other and how to work as a team.”

Liberty went to sectionals last year and Pine Plains has recently had a weak record. All in all, this game can be considered a success. Hope remains for Stissing Mountain.


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