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LuHi: Multimedia Journalism course reaching new heights

by Marc Joosten/LuHi Student Reporter on
Thu, Feb 7, 2013 11:41 AM

LuHi: Multimedia Journalism course reaching new heights

Multimedia Journalism is becoming quite a popular course at Long Island Lutheran. This year it was taken over by a second-year teacher, Mrs. Martone.

“Actually Mrs. Martone is my favorite teacher,” said Kenshay Kerr. “Mrs. Martone certainly knows how to connect with her students at a level no other new teacher can ever. Her students also picked up on the material really quickly. In a class that’s only half of a school year, her students just about all picked up on how to create and edit videos.

“She also helped her students vastly improve their writing abilities by critiquing their work and helping them correct their mistakes in a calm and delightful matter. Mrs. Martone found a way to teach everybody equally—not one other teacher that I have ever seen can do that.”

Kenshay Kerr is even going as far as taking an independent course based on Multimedia Journalism after this course is over on January 22. “I just really liked how everything was done this year and wanted to do more with it so I figured why not do this for the whole year,” he said. “It’s the last chance I’ll get to.” Kerr plans on doing videos and articles monthly until graduation in June.


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