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LuHi Sailing Club growing in popularity

by Smith Brickner/LuHi Student Reporter on
Thu, Feb 7, 2013 11:42 AM

LuHi Sailing Club growing in popularity

One of the newest extracurricular activities at LuHi is the Sailing Club. It started in this past fall, and is slowly gaining in popularity.

Alex Hall, one of the youngest members of the club has high expectations for the club in the upcoming years. “If we can get more people to join [the sailing club], I think there’s a real good chance that LuHi will have a sailing team and compete in many competitions in the near future,” Hall said. “We’ve competed in one competition already, but we need more people to compete on a consistent basis.”

Though Hall is one of the youngest members of the club, he still happens to be one of the most experienced. Alex started sailing as a young boy, and he says that one reason why he loved sailing was because of how easy it was for him to get to a boat due to the fact that he lives very close to the water.

“I’ve sailed many times before. I do live very close to the water, so that helps,” Hall said.     “Being able to use the wind and glide on the water is a lot of fun for me.”

The sailing club is in action from September to October-November, and then resumes in March until the end of the school year. Whether it is just sailing for fun, or competing in competitions, Hall said that every kid in the club has a lot of fun. “I’m sure all of the kids like it. It’s fun not only because you get to go sailing, but because you get to know some people from the school better. Some of these people in the club, I never would have known had it not been for this club.”

The sailing club is open to anybody who wants to join, whether you have a lot of experience, or have never sailed before in your life.


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