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McGann-Mercy Matt Roberts senior spotlight

by Cristian Lynch/McGann-Mercy Student Reporter on
Wed, Feb 27, 2013 4:56 PM

McGann-Mercy Matt Roberts senior spotlight

Matt Roberts is one of the most dedicated students in our Mercy community. When he is not in a Student Government meeting, he is playing guitar for the school chorus. He is also a member of the National Honor Society and a member of Campus Ministry.

Matt plans on going to SUNY Binghamton next year and he wants to major in biology and physics. He wants to become a doctor and he would love to travel the world and help others.  

“I see myself working in a hospital and finishing my residency to become a doctor,” Matt said when asked what he saw himself doing in 10 years.

His personal achievements at McGann-Mercy include being a member of the National Honor Society. He was also the Junior Class President last year and is a representative for the senior class in S.O. this school year.

Matt is proud that he set up the Junior Banquet last year along with Jessica Allen and made the night fantastic for all of his fellow classmates. Matt loves his senior year so far and said, “I have a lot of work due to my classes, but I have a great family and great friends to work with.”

“Matt is a really nice kid who always helps others out,” Kaylee Navarra said. “If I need anything I can always count on Matt, he is a really good friend. He is well liked and always working hard. He will always do what he can to make himself better, and Mercy better.”

Mr. Madama had nothing but great things to say about Matt.

“Matt is a wonderful student, who was not only hardworking, but intellectual as well,” Mr. Madama said. “He strove to achieve at the highest level, and was successful. I also would like to say I am so proud of him for coming to El Salvador for a week to help those in need.”      


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