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Oceanside performs its annual “Road Show”

by Mark DiStefano/Oceanside Student Reporter on
Fri, Feb 17, 2012 3:28 PM

Updated Fri, Feb 17, 2012 5:05 PM
Oceanside performs its annual “Road Show”

On Friday, January 20th and Saturday, January 21st, Oceanside High School’s Thespian Troupe 132 put on their production of the classic show Annie. Set during the Great Depression in New York City, the show centers on a plucky 11-year-old girl left at an orphanage who yearns to find her parents.

At Oceanside High School, Annie was performed as the road show, the student-directed production that is put on by the school every year, typically between the drama and the straight show. In the director’s chair was senior thespian Chelsea Borsack, a member of the Thespian Board and a member of the troupe since her freshman year. It was her responsibility, along with the Thespian advisor, Ms. Costa, to pick a show, cast it, and run rehearsals over a seven week period, leading up to the performances on Friday and Saturday night.

Before becoming Road Show Director, senior Thespians must win an election for the position in which they give speeches to the Thespian members as to why they feel they are qualified for the position. The Thespians then vote on which director they feel would be best.

But student direction is not only what makes the Oceanside road show unique. This show is not only performed on stage at OHS. Whereas the musical offers only previews at elementary schools, the road show is performed in full length for three elementary schools, one of which usually being the kindergarten center in front of audiences of pre-seventh grade students.

In recent years, shows that have gone on besides Annie for these youngsters included Beauty and the Beast, The Wiz, and Grease.



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