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William Floyd performs winter concert

by Elijah Budden/William Floyd Student Reporter on
Thu, Feb 2, 2012 10:21 AM

Updated Thu, Feb 2, 2012 5:08 PM
William Floyd performs winter concert

The William Floyd High School Winter concert, which was held on December 9, was an extraordinary occasion for all parties involved. Not just for those who performed in front of their families and peers during the concert, but also for those who were attending in the audience. Conducted by Michael Cordarro, the William Floyd wind symphony led an opening number that enticed the audience and promised them that much more would be in store for them as the night progressed.

The band could not have chosen more of a wonderful selection of music. The wind symphony finished off their set to thunderous applause after they played a rather classy version of the popular holiday tune “Sleigh Ride.” The band hit their mark and had left the stage on a high note. This set a momentum, which was picked up with ease by the following performing groups to showcase their talents. The wind symphony was only one part of the concert, but they made sure to orchestrate a performance that was an incredibly memorable way to finish off the year musically.

The band, orchestras, and choir had said their final goodbyes to the year of 2011 in an honorable and respectful way. Seeing how they will continue their musical successes in 2012 is a highly anticipated event that the William Floyd students, faculty, and community are eager to see.


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