Edgemont defeats L/P in gymnastics

by Jordan Griffith on
Wed, Jan 16, 2013 2:10 AM

Updated Wed, Jan 16, 2013 10:08 PM

Edgemont defeated Lakeland/Panas, 141.8-113.2, at home on Tuesday afternoon. Lakeland/Panas’ Leanne Castelli took home first place in the overall competition with a score of 35.45, but Heather Schneck (33.75) and Isabella Puig (32.75) took home second and third for Edgemont.

“I think I did well,” said Schneck. “I performed me best in everything. My beam was a little shaky, but it was a good meet for me. It was exciting. I actually know Leanne from club gymnastics, so it was a great opportunity (to compete).”

Schneck won the floor exercise with a score of 9.15, just beating out Castelli’s 9.05. Castelli, Schneck and Puig finished first, second and third in all but one of event. Lakeland/Panas’ Michelle Davis came in third place in the uneven bars and Puig came in second in the vault with a score of 8.35.

“My scores reflected me doing much better than I normally do,” Puig said. “I could have done better on beam and bars, but I’m pretty confident it my scores today. It feels good (to come in third) especially going against Leanne and Heather. They’re both club gymnasts, so it feels really nice.”

Castelli took first in every event but floor exercise and was impressive in each event. She scored a 9.25 in the vault, the 9.05 in the floor exercise and a 9 in the balance beam.

“It feels pretty good (to win),” Castelli said. “It’s hard not being at my own gym and being on equipment that I’m not used to, but it feels good. I’m hoping to finish in the top three (in sectionals).”

1- Leanne Castelli (L/P)- 9.25
2- Isabella Puig (Edge)- 8.35
3- Heather Schneck (Edge)- 8.3
4- Michelle Davis (L/P)- 7.7
Uneven bars
1- Castelli (L/P)- 8.15
2- Schneck (Edge)- 7.65
3- Davis (L/P)- 7.5
4- Puig (Edge)- 7.35
Balance beam
1- Castelli (L/P)- 9
2- Schneck (Edge)- 8.65
3- Puig (Edge)- 8.4
4- Christie Tzelios (Edgemont)- 7.65
1- Scnheck (Edge)- 9.15
2- Castelli (L/P)- 9.05
3- Puig (Edge)- 8.65
4- Tzelios (Edge)- 6.85
1. Castelli (L/P)- 35.45
2. Schneck (Edge)- 33.75
3. Puig (Edge)- 32.75
4. Davis (L/P)- 29.25
5. Rowan DeGasperis (Edge)- 24.45
6. Kathryn Lawlor (L/P)- 25.9

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