Lombardi: Murphy Cup Has Special Meaning

by Joe Lombardi on
Tue, Apr 27, 2010 10:49 PM

Updated Tue, Mar 22, 2011 9:17 PM
Lombardi: Murphy Cup Has Special Meaning

As a lifelong bachelor with no offspring, Yorktown’s lacrosse community in effect became Charlie Murphy’s unofficial family.

His home and property on the west edge of town was a gathering place for players to work on their skills or seek the input and advice of the inimitable former Princeton University player who was the co-founder of the Yorktown program.
Murphy died in 2005 at age 93, but his legacy lives on.
The main contest field at Yorktown High School is named in his honor, and the annual regular-season game between crosstown rivals Lakeland/Panas and Yorktown is known as the Charlie Murphy Cup.
This year, it will be awarded for the 21st straight year. Game-time is 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 1 at Lakeland High School.
Shortly after Murphy moved to Yorktown in 1965, he connected with Long Island native Jim Turnbull, a history teacher at Yorktown High School.
In 1966, spurred by the financial backing of Murphy, Yorktown launched a varsity team. The rest, as they say, is history. Notably, 33 sectional championships (including 28 in the last 30 years) and six state titles.
Lakeland/Panas, meanwhile, has enjoyed its share of success despite playing in Yorktown’s shadow.
Though the Rebels are one of just two teams (along with John Jay) to defeat the Huskers in the sectional finals since 1980, they have lost to Yorktown in the title game three straight years. But two of those games were decided by one goal. Last year, Lakeland/Panas held a four-goal fourth-quarter lead against Yorktown in the Class A sectional finals at White Plains, before falling 11-10 in overtime.
Jim Lindsay knows all about the rivalry first-hand as a player and coach. The Rebels’ head coach scored four goals to lead Lakeland/Panas past Yorktown 7-4 in the 1997 Class A final at Mahopac.

As far as the Murphy Cup is concerned, Yorktown also has a decisive advantage, leading the all-time series 18-2, with the Rebels’ wins coming in 1994 and 2007. But there have been seven one-goal games, including two the last three years.
“Yorktown is Yorktown,” Lakeland/Panas senior attackman Will Fallo said. “This is definitely the biggest regular-season game for us. We’ll try to stay focused in practice and not get ahead of ourselves and hype it up too much because it’s not this one but the last game of the year we want to win.”
And assuming there is a Round 2, what will the keys be in Round 1?
“Whoever makes the fewest mistakes,” Fallo said. “Passing. Off-sides, penalties. I feel like that’s going to be the difference. Stuff like that.”

All-time Murphy Cup scores

1990: 7-6 Yorktown
1991: 9-8 Yorktown
1992: 9-3 Yorktown
1993: 12-9 Yorktown
1994: 10-6 Lakeland/Panas
1995: 9-5 Yorktown
1996: 14-6 Yorktown
1997: 6-5 Yorktown
1998: 10-9 Yorktown
1999: 5-4 Yorktown
2000: 10-3 Yorktown
2001: 16-4 Yorktown
2002: 11-3 Yorktown
2003: 16-11 Yorktown
2004: 9-3 Yorktown
2005: 12-9 Yorktown
2006: 18-9 Yorktown
2007: 10-9 Lakeland/Panas
2008: 10-9 Yorktown
2009: 11-8 Yorktown
Total: Yorktown 18, Lakeland/Panas 2



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