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Sectional capsules: B boys hoops

by Jordan Griffith on
Mon, Feb 13, 2012 9:42 PM

Updated Thu, Feb 16, 2012 10:37 PM
Sectional capsules: B boys hoops
Photo by Rob DiAntonio

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Coach: Scott Patrillo
Nickname: Eagles
First round opponent: BYE
Record: 17-1
Last year: Lost to Albertus Magnus in sectional finals
Best wins: Croton, Woodlands, Pelham
Top players: Eric Paschall (6-6, Soph., F); Thomas Fleming (6-4, Sr., G/F), John Yozzo-Scaperrotta (6-1, Sr., F), Eddie Ritch (5-8, Sr., G)
Scouting report: The Eagles' lone regular-season loss came at the hands of Woodlands. This team is hungry, has a budding star in Paschall and the correct supporting cast to win it all. Paschall has the rare ability to thrive above the rim and beyond the arc. If the Eagles manage to dethrone Albertus, Paschall will most likely be hoisting the MVP trophy. Look for Yozzo-Scaperrotta to the dirty work down in the post and set the tone on defense. His fiery energy is tailor made for the playoffs. Fleming, a versatile end-to-end player, thrives in transition. Ritch, who missed a portion of the season due to injury, is a sharpshooter.

Coach: Pat McFadden
Nickname: Falcons
First round opponent: No. 15 Putnam Valley
Record: 16-2
Last year: Section 1 champs
Best wins: Byram Hills, Clarkstown South, Pearl River (twice)
Top players: Tyler Sayre (6-5, Sr., F); Pat McGuinness (5-10, Sr., G); Jack Sullivan (5-10, Sr., G); Arnell Dandridge (5-10, Sr., G/F)
Scouting report: The defending section champs are back on the championship hunt and there’s no reason to say they aren’t the front-runners. The Falcons have the experience needed to win it all and there might not be a better 1-2 combo then Sayre and McGuinness in Class B. Look for Sayre — Albertus' all-time leading scorer — to go out with a bang. While the senior forward isn't the brawniest of frontcourt players, he has the innate ability to score the basketball in an array of ways — whether it be on drives, putbacks or jumpers.

Coach: Bob Murphy
Nickname: Falcons
First round opponent: No. 14 North Salem
Record: 14-4
Last year: Lost to Albertus Magnus in quarterfinals
Best wins: Dobbs Ferry, Fox Lane, Broxnville
Top players: Andre Scipio (5-9, Jr., PG); Reece Williams (6-2, Sr., G); Fred Bowers (6-6, Sr., F); D’Andre Tilford (6-1, G/F)
Scouting report: When Woodlands defeated Dobbs Ferry earlier in the season, the Falcons went from a good team to a team that could potentially win it all. They have an explosive ball-handler in Scipio, a do-it-all forward in Williams, a solid big-man in Bowers and a legitimate shooter in Tilford. Basketball often comes down to matchups and the Falcons have the horses to compete with anyone in Class B. If Woodlands starts connecting on its long-range shots, it will be an extremely hard team to beat. Bottom line: This is a team that can fill it up.

Coach: Chris Welsh
Nickname: Panthers
First round opponent: No. 13 Hastings
Record: 14-4
Best wins: Croton (twice), Briarcliff, Eastchester, Westlake (twice)
Top players: Charlie Montgomery (Sr., F); Nick Greto (Jr., F); Jack Eisenberg (Sr., PG); Glen Robinson (Sr., F); Danny Schulman (G/F)
Scouting report: Pleasantville basketball is back under first-year head coach Chris Welsh. With a talented group of forwards, the Panthers are in great position to make a run in this year’s tournament. Montgomery and Robinson are exceptional athletes and Greto and Eisenberg seem to make plays when they are needed. Class B have been put on notice.

Coach: Mike Welsh
Nickname: Trojans
First round opponent: No. 12 Westlake
Record: 14-4
Last year: Lost to Hastings quarterfinals
Best wins: Valhalla (twice), Rye Neck, Sacred Heart, Ossining
Top players: Antoine Saliba (6-4, Sr., F); Jack Jamilkowski (6-3, Sr., F); Sam Adler (5-8, Jr., G); Brennan Schaenmann (6'7, Jr., C)
Scouting report: People tend to forget about Blind Brook when Class B is discussed, but the Trojans do have a lot of talent. Saliba is a long, athletic forward who can do it all. Adler is a solid, headstrong point guard who rarely makes mistakes. The Trojans' biggest strength, however, is their suffocating defensive pressure. As a result, Blind Brook cannot be counted out. Rest-assured, this team will be in every game right till the bitter end. If the Trojans can manage to sink a few clutch shots, they could be dancing at the County Center.

Coach: Bill Thom
Nickname: Tigers
First round opponent: No. 11 Pawling
Record: 14-4
Last year: Lost to Hastings in quarterfinals
Best wins: Briarcliff, Westlake (twice), O’Neill
Top players: Ian Thom (6-0, Jr., G); Wes Turner (6-3, Sr., G/F); Robert Simmons (6-3, Sr., G/F)
Scouting report: The Tigers are an explosive offensive team that loves to run the floor. Thom is a deadly shooter and wildly creative with the basketball in his hands. Turner ia Croton's No. 2 option and has a stellar inside-outside game, possessing the ability to grind out baskets down low and step out to connect from beyond the arc. This team was just a few possessions away from being a top-four seed, so they have the potential to do some major damage. It also doesn't hurt to have one of Section 1's premier coaches roaming the sidelines in Bill Thom.

Coach: Brendan Coxen
Nickname: Bears
First round opponent: No. 10 Bronxville
Record: 12-6
Last year: Lost to Irvington in quarterfinals
Best wins: Byram Hills, Pleasantville, Croton, Horace Greeley
Top players: Brian Daniels (6-5, Jr., F/C); Paul Henshaw (6-1, Sr., F); Ryan Huegel (5-10, Jr., PG); Tyriek Johnson (6-0, Sr., G)
Scouting report: Junior Brian Daniels just might be the most dominating player in the Class B bracket. The veteran big man is a double-double machine and is capable of taking over a game at any moment. With a player like Daniels, Briarcliff is never out of any game. And it doesn't hurt that Henshaw, Huegel and Johnson compliment him well. If Daniels plays up to his potential, the Bears could be hoisting the Gold Ball at the County Center.

Coach: Dave Greiner
Nickname: Vikings
First round opponent: No. 9 Rye Neck
Record: 12-6
Last year: Lost to Dobbs Ferry in quarterfinals
Best wins: Rye Neck, Westlake
Top players: Terrance Tribble (6-2, Jr., F); Joe Zimmerman (5-4, Sr., G)
Scouting report: This team is young, but that might not be a bad thing. Tribble is a talented forward who can take over games. Veteran coach Dave Greiner is no stranger to the intensity of playoff basketball, so look for the defensive-minded Vikings to be a tough out.

Coach: John Aguilar
Nickname: Panthers
First round opponent: No. 8 Valhalla
Record: 10-8
Last year: Lost to Valhalla in first round
Best wins: Blind Brook, Valhalla, Westlake
Top players: Matt Franks (6-4, Soph., F/C); Brendan Crowley (6-2, Sr., G); Connor O'Shea (6-1, Sr., G)
Scouting report: Crowley and Franks have both played well this year, so look for Rye Neck to lean on the duo against Valhalla. The two teams split during the regular season. It's also worth mentioning that the Vikings knocked the Panthers out of the sectionals last year. Never underestimate the revenge factor in a do-or-die playoff format.

Coach: Brian Senior
Nickname: Broncos
First round opponent: No. 7 Briarcliff
Record: 9-9
Last year: Lost in opening round
Best wins: Hastings (twice), Edgemont (twice)
Top players: Jack Aherne (Sr., F); Luke Marrone (Jr., G) Ned Carpenter (Jr., G); David Rhee (Jr., F); Dylan Murray (Jr., G/F); Charlie Tarry (Fr., G)
Scouting report: Bronxville is a defensive-orientated team that will try to bring the pace to a grinding halt. This formula has been known to work wonders in the playoffs, but it could be tough to implement against a Briarcliff team that boats a talented big man like Brian Daniels. Rest-assured, the Broncos have the kind of athleticism to push the ball in transition, too. If coach Brian Senior elects to stray from the norm, soccer players like Aherne and Carpenter will be more than happy to flash their athletic ability in an open-court game.

Coach: Greg Blake
Nickname: Tigers
First round opponent: No. 6 Croton-Harmon
Record: 11-7
Last year: Did not qualify for sectionals
Best wins: North Salem, Putnam Valley (twice), Hen Hud (twice)
Top players: Justin Mayette, Cameron Thomas, Sean Morris, Matt Morrison, Marco Dominguez
Scouting report: Pawling is led by talented scorer Justin Mayette, but the Tigers might struggle to match Croton-Harmon's uptempo style of play. Containing star guard Ian Thom will be no easy task.

Coach: Steve Pesick
Nickname: Wildcats
First round opponent: No. 5 Blind Brook
Record: 8-10
Last year: Did not qualify for sectionals
Best wins: Rye Neck, Hen Hud
Top players: Tommy Hopkins, John D’Onofrio, Chris Kane, Rich Maio, Luke Adams
Scouting report: Westlake started off hot, winning seven of their first eight games, but the tough league schedule caught up with them. Hopkins is a big body who controls the paint and D’Onofrio has the athleticism to burn teams in transition. The Wildcats will need career nights from both against Blind Brook.

Coach: Ezra Elliot
Nickname: Yellow Jackets
First round opponent: No. 4 Pleasantville
Record: 8-10
Last year: Lost in semifinals
Best wins: Valhalla, Bronxville
Top players: Joseph Tino (6-3, Jr., F); Francesco Scioscia (6-1, Soph.,G); Zach Grossman (6-1, Sr., F); Dillon Healy (6-2, Sr., G)
Scouting report: There were a lot of new faces for the Yellow Jackets this year, but they adjusted well. Grossman and Healy will be counted on against Pleasantville.

Coach: Henry Sassone
Nickname: Tigers
First round opponent: No. 3 Woodlands
Record: 6-12
Last year: Lost in opening round
Best wins: Carmel, Somers, Pawling
Top players: Umar Singh, Joe Tunas, James Langelotti, Connor Holliday
Scouting report: North Salem capped off its year with a one-point win at home over Carmel late in January. Umar Singh and James Langelotti were crucial in the win, and Connor Holliday and Joe Tunas have also played well this season. Look for these four to be the focal point against a tough Woodlands team.

Coach: Ralph Smith
Nickname: Tigers
First round opponent: No. 2 Albertus Magnus
Record: 7-11
Last year: Lost in opening round
Best wins: North Salem, Hen Hud, Hastings
Top players: Jelani Bell-Isaac, Zach Coleman, Andre Soto, Zach Nolan
Scouting report: Putnam Valley had ups and downs this year, but Bell-Isaac, Coleman, Soto and Nolan can all play. But taking down the defending Class B champ might be asking a bit too much.

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