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Sacred Heart: Student views on AP US History Exam

by Bobby D' Albora/Sacred Heart Student Reporter on
Tue, Mar 20, 2012 11:56 AM

Updated Tue, Mar 20, 2012 6:11 PM
Sacred Heart: Student views on AP US History Exam

The Junior Honors Class of 2013 will be taking the AP U.S. History Test in the last weeks of May 2012. The junior class is now being taught by Mr. Valentine, who arrived at Sacred Heart from Our Lady of Victory. He is doing his best to prepare the class for the upcoming test.

Two seniors who took the test last year, Brianna Tierney from Our Lady of Victory and Abigail Morgan from Sacred Heart High School, both said the AP test was challenging. Their advice was to study and to pay attention during class. You will need to know as much history as you can. The course teaches history from colonial times up to the present. Yet the test covers a specific topic in that timeline.

The details of the test will not be told until the day of the test. Some students such as Nicole Almeida, Juhi Singh, and Nikko Alotencio they all said they felt the test will be very challenging and they will study very hard to prepare for it. Another student had a different view, David Rivera, said he got nervous and even a rush when thinking about the test, but he feels comfortable with his level of preparedness for the test. Tom Swanson and Chris Varghese believe that the test will be easy and we are prepared for the test.

Mr. Valentine says not to worry too much but to study and learn as much as you can. “The test score doesn’t accurately represent the effort and work an individual puts in throughout an academic year," he said.


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